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           This is Aran Jones learn in Manx in Day Stunt from scratch to a conversational level in seven hours. All is happening is that Manx is being read to him and he is copying it. Languages cannot be learnt instantly in this way. It is impossible to instantly and permanently confidently learn one set of verbs tenses. Let alone alone learn sets of them.

This is a publicity stunt for SSIW on the S4C Welsh News. Aran Jones is even claiming that he has more Spanish learners using his website than Welsh learners.  The spokesman from Agored Cymru is supporting his website initiative.  There is no way of verifying what real levels of competency his learners were attaining on his website.

     There is no evidence of reference to 'brain shock' in the literature. Aran Jones claims his courses are transformative. He is claiming that he can turn learners into having genuine conversations in six moths providing they will put in two to four hours of work a week.

       He even promises that you will be a confident Welsh speaker. He shows images of people having such conversations.

  What Aran Jones is lamentably ignorant of is that language are taught on teaching training courses. Teaching is researched based. Why no one is the world can achieve what he is can be applied using his impoverished lessons is a complete mystery. It defies credibility that he is creating confident Welsh speakers in six months, especially using Aran ridiculous methods.

     The Mc Allister Report refers to many Welsh learners using the SSIW website and they are too frightened to use the language for fear getting the grammar wrong.

       This includes the crazy claim that learners will be able to effectively hear the Welsh language performed at double speed. Spoken language is the fastest cognitive skill the brain can process. Learners will struggle to even identify the individual words.

      It is even suggested that they should listen to radio for an hour. This will relate to a large volume of content.


 This includes dramatic wording. The notion that learners should devote up to five to nine hours of learning a day is ridiculous. The notion he can learn a new language like Manx in two intensive days and even retain it after fifteen months in delusional. 

      Learners will not able to cope with learning and retaining language for extended period of time. Learning is not an instant process. Attempting learning to too much will cause interference.  Sleep is important in all learning.

 It is not clear what a brain shock is. Practising Welsh for two to four hours is not going to create functional language fluency, whatever that is. It appears that Aran Jones believes he is entitled to say anything he likes.

The advice not to use the pause button in his lessons is another one Aran Jones silly ideas. The practice will retard opportunities for reflection. In practising 'say after me' learners need to devote so much effort to pronounce their new language accurately that hey will all too quickly forget what has been said previously. Learners are simply being expected to memorise phrases.

          The notion that items do not need to be revised what they learn is silly. The claimed spaced repetition is a best arbitrary.  The is no structure to what is presented to learners. Aran Jones referrs to repeating lessons. He claimed in his Manx in Day he learnt everything instantly.

         Gaps between lessons will matter. Aran Jones refers to lessons becoming automatic, not the language. He refers to double speed listening again and silly claims about neurological changes. 

Mistakes does not per sae enhance the learning. The more mistakes we make the less inclined we will be to remember all of them. Mistakes will undermine learners confidence.

  Aran Jones (Possibly Iestyn) refers to learners getting 'stuck in the mud' and discontinuing with learning. He refers to his intensive, expensive sentences. Selecting ten starting a sentence is not going to resolve learning difficulties. 

The theory has some validity.  There is no 'how'.  Forty starting points need to have end point, the need to process thousands of phrases.

Iestyn claims that he heard stories from 100s who have learn Welsh successfully. He does not suggest they used Saysomething in Welsh. It is unlikely people will easily talk to themselves in Welsh, think through Welsh.  They will be interpreting their Welsh through English.

      Iestyn claims the gold standard of learning Welsh is to have real conversations with real people, chatting with people for half an hour. This will require a lot of language and vocabulary, despite Iestyn disclaimer that you will not be fluent. 

 Real is not simulated conversations. Conversations are higher order language skills, much more difficult to engage in than dialogue, because what the second person will say is opened ended.

      "Where many words about little sense is found"

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