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Howard New 2020 Book
      Howard has written a second language learners, including Welsh language learners, which should be available in March 2020. It is a book that intends to be an improvement on Hurd and Murphy's 2006 success with languages.

Respect for Professional  Teachers

      Research clearly illustrates that the highest attaining countries educationally in the world are those who respect their professional teachers. Teachers in the United Kingdom command so little respect that talented people are not interested in entering the teaching profession. A lot of women, who used to enter the profession, are not doing so.

Developing a  New Curriculum

       Research illustrated that the National curriculum was overloaded. Whilst it is accept that change has been necessary the problem with change is that it can promise improvements that may not necessarily be delivered. High expectations were associated with the National Curriculum.

     There are risks in revolutions as opposed to evolution, because they are more open ending.  There is a risk that the autonomy that have been devolved to schools to create their own curriculums  can become a 'public relation window dressing exercises'.           

Social Mobility

         The dream of equality of opportunity is a wonderful dream, but it cannot be viewed as enabling all children to reach the same standard. The two are not the same. The issue of social deprevation and children's attainment is much more complicated that it is on the surface.

          The genetics of all of us is created through blended cocktails of thousands of genes created from the genes of two persons.  Two highly intelligent parents may not necessarily create intelligent children genetically. Intelligent parents will be able to offer more learning support to their children.  Parents will lower intelligence will be less inclined to obtain employment, especially high paid employment.

     Social deprivation can be viewed like a vicious circle. Cater for these children' s needs can be viewed in given talented, intelligent social deprived children to reach their full potential and enjoy the opportunities to go to university. It must also be viewed as ensuring the 30% of lower potential are allowed to reach their personal potential. This is much more complex problem, there are no simple answer to it.


     The Cockcroft Report in 1982 contented that the more curriculum is improved, the more quality of learning children's receive the spread of their mathematical attainment will remain. Working memory actually illustrates the spread will increase. Plomin contends that educating children increases inequality. (Check).  

Catering for Children's Individual Needs


        Teaching must by it is very nature must be a compromise, because they cannot give individual attention to each child in their classes of normally around 30 children. Each child has a unique brain and personality. This is why educational research is so difficult to undertake. It is not an exact science.


 Research illustrates that the learning potential of children is not equal, around 50% of it is determined by genetics. The spread of working memory, which is children's processing capacity, increases as children grow older.

        The ability to adequately to cater for children's differing needs could be viewed as the impossible dilemma. There is no simple answer to the problem.

The Pisa Virus

      There 2018 Pisa results have been recently announced with the traditional media reaction. The results provide issue of interest for professional teachers and educators, but comparison between countries performances are blurred for a myriad of reasons.

       Dylan Wiliam has 

Video Reviews

    Education is such a deep science that that there is a solution to complex issues that confront teacher and educators that the notion that anyone person has an answer to problems that needs to be confront is a myth.