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        This website is intend to offer open and honest professional advice, including learning advice, and to inform, discuss educational issues,  with supporting references.

        Free papers written by Howard and reference to other free papers and website links are provided.

      This website also intends to educate teachers, student teachers, school governors, parents and the media about educational issues and 'fake news' educational claims
 and neuro-myths.   

     Howard is as a retired advanced skills Q.T.S. teacher, which an initial and higher educational degree in teaching. He has written five privately publish researched books. Two are available in pdf form on this website.

Howard full CV is presented in "About Howard".

The Human Brain

The human brain is the most complex thing in the universe. What children cannot be viewed inside their brains. Paul Howard-Jones neuro-scientist educationalist contented in Bristol University contended that:-

Teachers have asimilar impact of children's brains as nureo-sergeons.

Education is a Deep Science
       Wallace (2009) in the researched Oxford Educational Dictionary states that:-

       "Although like most other professions. teaching requires a lengthy period of training and adherence to a professional code of conduct, many would argue that that are not normally accorded the parity of status with the other professions, such as law and medicine." 

      Amanda Spielman, new head of Ofstead contended

        “Education is the great force of human advancement, of advancement of civilisation." and that "It a lovely combination of the human and the intellectual- it’s big, it’s complicated, but above all it has such a profound influence upon people’s lives!"

   Education is a language, which is spoken by those who understand it, and very often the process of teaching is misunderstood by the person's on the street. 

      There are specialist education solicitors that have a similar role to medical sicitors.

There is a notion that children are inaminate objects that learning can be poured into like petrol in a tank and it will remain there for the rest of their lives.

   Teaching and Learning is much more complicated that. Research illustrates that 50% of facts that are learn are forgotten within a hour of learning it. (This applies to new foreign language words).

Confuicious  666 B.C. referred to this behaviourist rote teaching method as 'feed the duck' view of learning.

Assessment (Examinations)

     Assessment are designed to assess the capability of learners, what they know, understand and can do (Skill).  We have all revised for examinations and we know a great deal of what we will have revised, learn will be forgotten after their examinations. 
      Educational assessment is not an exact science. Teachers can teach to the test. Children who pass examinations may not necessarily possess the capability the examination pass implies.

Educational Research

  Gunn (2010) contended that teaching should be a learning process for teacher and  child. Professional teachers are required to apply proven practices. Certain core practices are so well researched that they do not need to be sourced reference (The research does not need to be referred to). 


        The Cockcroft Report into Mathematical 1982 took five years to research and compile into one of the most researched subjects in the world. It as relevant to children education today as it was in 1982.


    Education is such a deep science that a great deal of education is concerned with learning about what is not know, as much as what is. Superficial answers to complex education problems like developing a curriculum will lead to over simplistic answers to complex educational problems.

       The one certainty about education is that simple solutions to complex educational problems lead to over simplistic, superficial outcomes.

   This Website is intended to inform on research and also discuss educational issues.