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      This book "Political Dreams, Practical Realities. The Future of the Welsh Language and Welsh Language Learning" by H.J.D. Gunn (2017) presents a series of papers and an extract from Howards third book.

        The problem with the Welsh language is that language issues tends to be a very political, emotional issues. The enclosed researched book appears to be the first to investigate in detail Welsh Language Learning and the Future of the Welsh language. 

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Paper 1: The Future of Community Welsh Education.

        This paper was written by Howard in 2011. The papers conclusions were drawn from Howards researched book, the first to be written by a qualified educationalists that directly addressed Welsh language learning and Dr. Margaret Newcombes, Cardiff School of Welsh book, that honestly outlined the state of the Welsh language.

       Howard offered pragmatic advice how the Welsh learners problems could be addressed. He called for a Welsh learners dialect to be created so Welsh learners would be able to speak to each other. He warned that the Welsh language could degenerate into confusion unless a standard form of the Welsh language was created. (This has been done in Ireland).
Book Extract

     The book extract on "Welsh Language Learning and Education" was written in the end of Howard's third book on Applied languages, mathematics and music. It was developed from the discussion in that researched book that included the implications of what is known about language cognition on the development of the higher order applied language skills. Howard's conclusions were  strongly influenced by his review of research on the difficulties of learning the English language.

Paper 2

      This second paper "The Future of Welsh Teaching and the Welsh Language" reviews the issue with reference to the Irish language and what is known about learning languages. This included reference to the fact that research illustrates that 67% is the tipping point of living languages. The detail paper that illustrates that the Welsh language is in crisis, that expecting all children to learn through the medium of Welsh in Wales will damage children education  and it will not save the living Welsh language.


This paper is a detailed reappraisal of the previous paper. It is illustrates that a lot of the arguments about the Welsh language and how to save it is over simplistic.

Paper 4 - Further Research and Reflections 2017

    This paper reconsiders the previous papers with reference to cognitive research on bilingualism and other research. It illustrates that there is a fundamental lack of understanding about bilingualism in Wales. It illustrates that the issue of language learning and survival are complex.

Paper 5 - Further Research and Reflections 2018

    This paper reconsiders the previous papers with reference to cognitive research, especially into children's  'early language' learning and other evidence.

Paper 6 - Welsh First

This paper consider the value of the Welsh first policy from a cognitive and raises serious concerns about its effect upon the majority of English speakers in Wales.

Paper 8  Welsh Language - R.I.P.

  This paper is overview of what has been written in this book and draws on the extensive research Howard has undertaken in his retirement, which is much broader than Welsh language issues . The  evidence that there has been resistance to change, a failure to address the key issues of language survival and that the has the  'hen iaeth', the current Welsh language, cannot endure in the modern world.

     This provocative paper is not intended to sound offensive to Welsh speakers, but it designed to make them think, because emotional arguments will not save the living Welsh language. This paper revisits previous argument, but its clear conclusions is that the future of the living Welsh language lies in Welsh speakers hands. 

Welsh Education

  This papers is review of Welsh education with reference to the Welsh Government decision to abandon it Pisa targets.


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The copy available is the Third Edition which has eight papers.

     Shah (2014) provides

  Shah (2014) provides  detailed researched overview of the state of the Irish language. It provides a detailed insight into the problems that exist in heritage minority languages. There is no evidence that the Welsh language activists have had interest in such issues.

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anyone wishes to challenge his work they are most welcome, providing they can prove with suitable reference the invalidity of the arguments presented. It not sufficient for someone to suggest they disagree with what I have presented.

 Howard will be prepared to publish them,