Key Issues -

Learning words or phrases is not different to memorise someones name, 

especially a foreign name, we know when we have learn it, it decays. They need to be revisited to be grown and transferred from shorter to longer term memory.

What is the essence of SSIW Aran's 'unique' methods:-

Aran Jones is implying through his Manx podcast that learners can acquire language through simply listening to phrases and practising saying them. In practice he advises his learners to practice their Welsh for two hours a week.

         He posits that oral language is the most effective language learning method, because all he has got to do is present arbitrary phrases on audio. He is a skilful markeeeter. He castigates all the alternative proven methods to market his method as being 'unique' and effective.

 Many of his claims are 'dream up' such as learners can effectively listen to language for hours and at double normal speed. His concepts that languages can be crammed and learnt in short timescales is delusional.

Aran Jones is knows that new languages are difficult to learn and he is offering false promises that his methods is the easy way of learning Welsh. His invitation to treat contends that whilst some learners take years to learn Welsh, it is possible to be happily speaking Welsh to everyone in they meet in short time scales is misrepresentation. 

       His Manx in Day stunt was a political and commercial stunt to market the concept that it could be done. He is now claiming it was a basic conversation, but the duration was around 20 minutes and he refers to covering 18 course units.

His Website appears to have been recently altered main references:-

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