SSIW - Learning Manx in Day Hoax -

            Aran Jones claim of learning Manx in day from scratch to a reasonable conversational level was not performed on the 1st of April. The challenge was instigated to market his Manx course version of his Saysomething in Welsh website. He later claimed on Manx T.V. that what he claimed to achieve could be done in any language.

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Aran Jones was clearly advertising Manx Vodka. He claimed he was researching whether drinking alcohol improves learning. He does not appear to have heard the concept of being drunk out of ones minds.

        Aran Jones is ignorant of the fact that learning is chemical process, the growing of synpases in the brain, and these become depleted with mental exertion. The more we tire tired we become less efficient learning will become. Intense learning will increase tiredness. Aran  denies this (See Manx conversation below).

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       Adrain Cairnes claims that "People will be amazed at the complex sentence they will be able to 'pick up'. m and use in short periods of time". Pick up implies memorisation. He referred to Aran Jones method on Manx T.V. as the fast memorisation method language learning.

      Adrain Cairns is clear ignorant of the most elementary principles of language learning, but he must have known it is not it is not possible to develop a language from scratch to basic conversational fluency. All he appeared to be interested in encouraging learners to learn Manx.

      Aran Jones is clearly using this podcast as a publicity stunt. The claims being made that it possible to learn a new language in accelerated timescales using SaysomethinginWelsh. Anyone who attends a new language class in any new language that learners will struggle to listen and pronounce a new language phonology. Adrain Cairnes must have known this.

      Aran Jones admits to there being a lot of verbs in Manx. A twenty-minutes conversation requires concentration and will cover a broad range of language.

 Conversations are open ended. When one speaks to another the speaker has no control over what the other person will say. It is open ended.

       The evidence is that this was staged managed. Saysomethinginwelsh had created the Manx form of Saysomethinginwelsh. Adrain Cairnes should be expected to know the typical rates of learning a new language. He thanks Aran for getting involved "in on the Act". It certainly was one. It was a astonishing one!

       Adrian Cairnrs referred to Aran having a decent conversation. 

       Aran Jones is his sincere tone claims that Manx has a massive range of tenses. He refers to the language he had learnt not falling out of his head by tomorrow. He refers to fact that cramming should erase memory, but it in there somewhere. 


         What is so ridiculous about all these claims is that how we learn is known. Learning a language is not significantly different to learning anything else on planet earth. Aran Jones and Adrian Cairns appears to believe they are entitled to say anything they like.

           The world is not flat. Learners cannot instantly learn massive amounts of information in short term timescales and retain them. Adrain Cairnes claimed on Manx T.V. that they had invented a 'fast memorisation' method of language learning. Aran Jones claimed it was the new way forward for language learning. 

          The evidence that their only interest was to misrepresent how easy Manx and Welsh is to learn to encourage more learners to learn each and to support their political interests. Culture Vannin were trying to buy into Aran Jones and the Welsh Language society dreams.

 Sarah Eaton claims it takes 10,000 to develop language fluency and                around four hours a week is not sufficient to easily develop fluency.   

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Ten Thousand Hours to Learn a Language 3ed Feb 2018