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Lord Sugar Attack upon Michael Gove (Brexit

The Boy Who Failed his A Level French

The Worst Places to Grow Poor in Wales (and the best)

Head Teacher Breaks Down as he Explains How is Predecessor Faked School Scores.

Welsh Minister Betrays a Generatiion of Children (Media Wales)

Welsh Reduction of Teachers Workload

Welsh G,C,S,E, Questions

Welsh Langauge 

Autism and Language

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Row about more Welsh Language in English Medium Schools

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Cymdethias Iaeth, Welsh Language Society Attack upon Head Master 

Toby Belffield re. Expecting All Children to Learn through Welsh would Damage their Education (Daily Mail)

Welsh Language Society Refused to Appear on Newsnight Program they Criticised. 


Call for All Children in Wales to be Taught through the Medium of Welsh (North Wales Post

Cardiff to Run Out oF English Medium High School Places within Two
Years (2019)

Eisteddfod 2015 Jamie Bevan 'pop singer' Fred Francis Politician Demand that all Children in Wales should learn through the Medium of Welsh.

Alun Cairnes Elite Fluent Welsh Fluent Wesh Speaker should be Tolerant of Youth not Speaking Proper Welsh (Media Wales).

The Beaufort Report Welsh Usage

Cymuned - Propasals described as 'crackers'

Cymuned - Wikepedia 

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Real Welsh Schools Guide  to Standards

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The Irish Language

B.B.C. Irish Language Crisis

R.T.V. Irish Television - Irish Language Crisis

The Irish Language Education War  

Why the Irish Language is in Decline

Ridicolous Claims