Citings and Respones

             Certain source has been approached and responded. Their response has been respected and they have not been cited. All sources have had the opportunity to respond to challenges providing they offer convincing researched evidence. Those who have something to hide tend to ignore challenges.

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Ioan Talfryn - deSuggestopedia - Welsh for Adult Service

  Ioan Talfryn 'Popeth yn Cymraeg' is a registered charity, but there does not appear to be anything charitable about his conduct, work, nor his charities board. No response has been received from him or his board about his methods despite repeated challenges.

   Ioan Taflryn's  S4C Cariad@iaeth series was discontinued in 2015, because of a formal complaint that Howard made to S4C about the validity of his methods, especially because of the 'fake news' misrepresentations he made in the public domain on the program. His complexity theory is so complex that no one could understand it. I unclear what his 'ants in the head theory' was all about.

He was quoting 'fake science' and claiming to be an expert. I unlikely he speaks five language fluently as he claim. He must have known his methods were ineffective, but he is so ignorant of pedagogy, he did not expect to get caught out.

 Despite this he has persisted in referring to his program to market his work and justify his continued use of his appalling methods in his service.   He is claiming he wants his deSuggestopedia method practiced in Welsh schools.

    Parents may disseminate his reckless advice, such as advising learners to cram information, to children. He is also retarding parents who would like to learn Welsh to support their children's who are learning through the medium of Welsh, who are condemned to use his service. His alternative method is equally appalling.  

       There is evidence he has been deliberately making out Welsh is easier to learn than it really is and that he was brainwashing listeners by blinding them with 'fake science'. He is an excellent actor. He must be work in the United Kingdom. There are no miracle methods of learning anything. 

 Ioan Taflryn's claims he wants his deSuggestopedia method practised in Welsh schools and that he wants all children to learn through the medium of Welsh. He is a fluent Welsh speakers. He must have known his methods was ineffective. 

See Professor John Sweller    It is reasonable to suggest Prof John Sweller knows more than Talfryn.

See Evidence - Researched Papers and Review of the subject

Below is his Welsh lessons that he claims to be practising in a Welsh for Adult service.

This is the celebrities engaging in Talfryn's Karoeke lessonsh. They were trying to instantly absorb lists of verbs through singing and acting reading  them from a wall

Aran Jones - Saysomethinginwelsh

     Aran Jones has no accredited teaching qualifications, he claims to have an interest in languages, but his only interest appears to be politics and making money out of learners. He appears to believe he can do and say anything he likes to Welsh learners. He appears to engaging in a war against native English speakers for no good reason.

 He demonstrates a lamentable lack of understanding of the most elementary principles of education. He appears to be lacking in intelligence.  His Kindle book is delusional.  He is inclined to say anything that comes into head.

 He has been misleading the public, politician's, the Welsh Institute of Affairs, Agored Cymru, Culture Vannin ad more recently it appear Hywel Gwlfryn to attempt to market the valid of his work. Agored rejected his application to offer accredited assessments.

 Aran  claimed to learn Manx from scratch to a conversational level in seven intensive hours. If he had achieved this, it would be the biggest miracle since biblical times. The Manx Islanders believed him. He is claiming to have created Welsh speakers abroad who use his website. He wants people across the world to communicate through Welsh, not English. He wants colonies of Welsh speakers from countries to come and live in Wales.

       He is gradually providing his website language course in a increasing range of languages ,Manx, Latin, and Spanish. He has even promised to create one for Korean. He is charging for his services.

 Howard has been subjected to considerable personal abuse from him. He does not appear to have a polite vocabulary when speaking to native English speakers.  He does not demonstrate any respect for Welsh learners. He appears unconcerned if children use his website and take his reckless advice. 

          The evidence is that Aran Jones has deliberately deceiving people how easy Welsh is to learn. He appears ignorant of the fact that it takes around 10,000 hours to develop native language fluency, which it difficult to achieve when languages are not all around them. He has been caught out.

     Aran Jones website was cited in the McAllister report as being the most frequently visited by Welsh learners. Aran advises that it is crazy to believe grammar needs to be learnt. McAllister refers to Welsh speakers being too frightened to speak Welsh because of the fear of getting their Welsh wrong.

See Professor Sarah Eaton (Now)

See Evidence - Researched Papers and Review of the subject

It is reasonable to suggest Prof John Sweller knows more than Talfryn. or Professor Tess FItzpatrick Linguist, who has never read deKaser.


There is evidence that the author of Glasnost has anti-Welsh language sentiments and that he is prejudiced against the Welsh Government Education policies.  He is claiming that the Welsh Government language policies are responsible for his claimed low standards in education. His conduct appears politically motivated.

        What the editor appears to be ignorant of is that education is a deep science. It is similar to law and medicine. It is so deep that there are range of authorities in their fields. The corporate intelligence that exists in the teaching profession is developed and shared between practitioners. "A little learning is a very dangerous thing".

     Legally anyone who does not possess Q.T.S. or Q.T.L.S. qualifications are not entitled to call themselves teachers and anything they state on pedagogic issues will be their personal opinions and prejudices. University academics are tutors. They are not authorities on education (Accept in schools of education).

       Dean Burnett, who author, cognitive scientist in Cardiff School of Medicine, refers to neuroscience claims that are reported in the media that are poorly presented and misunderstood in the media. This applies to the reporting of educational issues in the media and the public reaction. The misinterpretation of the Pisa results is one of them.

       Glasnot is even referring cognition and his qualifications to support his prejufices in the publicatic domain.
       Whilst I accept that Professor Sioned Davies, who advised on the role of the Welsh language in the school curriculum had no recognised teaching qualifications, neither was she professionally registered, I have found the dispute that is been fought by Tom, Dicks and Mary's about the role of the Welsh language in schools unprecedented and morally repugnant. It is being faught in the gutter.

  Determining the medium which language learners are educated through should not be viewed as superficially as choosing the colour of a car.  Children's education is too important to be left to political rhetoric, hope, optimism and guesswork.
  Socpie is opposed to anyone trying to mislead the innocent public on educational issue. Glasnost criticism of the Labour suggests his protests are politically motivated.
   The Welsh Government must be commended for not implementing Michael Gode's English Educational Ministers 'back of the envelope' reforms, which is now accepted failed by the English Government. The O.E.C.D. has recently approved the Welsh Government reforms. The Welsh Government respects the professional advice of its teachers.

       Professional teachers practice is evidence based, they are required to conform to exacting practice and integrity. They do not go around making speculative assumptions. University academics do not need to conform to such standards. In high Pisa scoring countries like Finland, they respect their teachers and there is no shortage o f teachers there.

The author is free to express his personal opinions and prejudices in the public domain, but its the lack of respect and constant criticism that is causing a crisis of teacher recruitment in Wales. This why the greatest threat to school standards is that people are reluctant to enter the profession, there is shortage of maths teachers in the United Kingdom, for instance. No other profession has to confront people playing being teachers and claiming to be authorities in their field. 

 The author is free to  write researched papers to explain his rationale, but there is no evidence he has the expertise to do this. Teachers need high quality training and ideally, years of practice to able to reach informed opinions and conclusions.

 The issue of second language learning and the language medium children are taught to are deep educational issues. The issue of educational standards are complex also   The problem with ignorance is people do not know what they do not know.

  All children in Wales have a legal right to be offered opportunity to achieve their full learning potential.   Educational practice must arise above the personal interests and prejudices of any individual. The Welsh Government has respect this by making children's right a-political.

  Glasnost claims are clearly political. He  criticising the Labour party.  He is making dubious claims. Children in Need have never openly raised concerns about Welsh medium education. Glasnost is just making things up. There is no explicit cognitive value in learning  a new language, but there is learning value. The English Government want all children to learn a new language up to age of 15 years of age.

   He will use any excuse to criticise the Welsh language.

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Cymethias yr Iaeth
        Wikipedia describes Cymdethias Iaeth are a direct action pressure group. Not all Welsh speakers belong to the society. A lot of public money and support has been offered to the Welsh language in recent decades. It is no longer appears appropriate for them to engage in direct action. What sort of society would we be in if everyone behaved in that way?

       Cymdethias Iaeth have constantly being bleating that native English speakers should learn Welsh, but there is no convincing evidence that they have any understanding of how much work is needed to learn Welsh. They may have been deceived by what appears to be political marketing of the University Schools of Welsh, especially the Welsh language political activists like Aran Jones and Ioan Talfryn, who have been deceiving Welsh and English speakers  how easy it is to learn Welsh.


  Despite their campaigns refer to the Welsh language dying and making demands of what needs to be done. There is no evidence that they have any interest in addressing the deep problems that exist in the Welsh language that are openly and honestly described by  Dr. Margaret Newcombe book in 2008. There is evidence that their primary interest in their narrow minded members interests and not in saving the Welsh language. 

  Gareth King, who is Cambridge graduate, who is an authority on world language, who has written a Welsh dictionary and grammar books, claimed that Cymru am Byw, which is 'pigeon' Welsh language that Welsh adult learners learn was failing them in 2000. Nothing has been done about it. Alan Cairns contended that many Welsh speaking youth do not view themselves as fluent Welsh speakers. Nothing appears to be done to address that problem.

   Whilst it must be accepted that Cymdethias Iaeth would not have been aware that Professor Sioned Davies had no teaching qualifications, they have engaged in an aggressive marketing campaign to persuade the public that all children should learn through the medium of Welsh. They clearly possess a lamentable lack of understanding on the serious implications for native English speaking children's education.  They do not appear to care about them.

  The right of association of Welsh speakers to demand how, what language native speaking children should be educated through appears to be racial prejudice. It is predictable that there would be uproar if native English speaking children children should be educated through the medium of England. Most parents in Welsh speaking and English speaking naturally want what is the best interest of their children, they have high expectations for them. 

   Irrespective of whether the living Welsh language will survive or not, children go to school to be educated, not simply to learn the Welsh language.  Asking public figure to support their causes is not appropriate when considering children's best learning interests. Jamie Bevan former Chair of Cymdethias, who protested most about the issue was pop singer, was featured standing on car in the Eistedfodd demanding that children should be educated through the medium of Welsh. 

 The society did start collecting for judicial review in 2016 to force the Welsh Government to implement the policy. The review would have failed because all children in Wales have a human right to be educated to their full learning potential. 

  No one with any certainty can predict what Wales will be like in ten years time, let alone twenty or thirty years. It far from assured that the living Welsh language will exist in ten years time or later. It far from assured that many Welsh children will be able to find future employment in Wales. Children best learning interest must be served, both native and English speaking. 

         None of us have a choice of the language we are brought up with. Many English speakers, who have devoted years attempting to learning Welsh have made a greater contribution to the Welsh language than those who speak Welsh, especially those who demand people should learn it. I do not subscribe to the concept that the Welsh language is the intellectual property of those who speak it

       It must accepted that there people in Wales, who are prejudiced and have no respect for Welsh speakers, but unless Cymdethias Iaeth members respect English speakers rights and interests the Welsh language will have no future. There is no evidence that Cymdethias have never researched language issues and offer pragmatic, practical solutions to saving the language.

 There are few people in Wales who want the living Welsh language to die. There are no simple solutions to the problem. Cymdethias have been deceiving very nice, sensible Welsh speakers, offering over simplistic solutions to complex problems. Welsh speakers do not appear to be prepared to do the spade work need to save the living Welsh language. Why haven't Cymdethias being encouraging people in Llanelli to speak Welsh, for instance, which used to be the heartlands of the Welsh language. 
 I have raised concerns and offered research to Cymdethias, but they refused answer English correspondence. Most bilinguals across the world use both of their language. They appear to want all English speakers to spend six or more years learning Welsh so they can speak Welsh to them. This sadly is not practical. It is an impossible dream.

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Susan Davies et al. Children in Need


  Sally Holland the Welsh Children's Commissioner stated in respect of the Welsh Governments failure to reach its target for socially deprived children that the was no simple answer to the problem. There is concern about Susan Davies et al, Children in Needs report, especially the use of the word 'catch up' in the report.

         The Harvard Report she refers to clearly refers to the important role of genes on children development. It can be viewed as the seed of learning potential. Susan Davies reference to genes switching on and off is over simplistic. There are vast cocktails of genes interacting together. Sometimes single genes can cause a problem. There are some rare language problems that are associated with specific single genes, for instance.

  What Susan Davies et al appear to be confused about is that young babies are essentially born with a clean slate. They have no experience. Things like executive function need to be grown. The characteristic of autism is that very young babies are withdrawn, which is nothing to do with rearing. Dyslexia arises because of inherited genetic problems. The spread of working memory is genetically determined. Genes are only part of the story in dictating children future achievement, around 40% of variance,  but it does dictate limits to what children can realistically achieve.

    The whole tone of the report is 'falling behind' throughout' it, but the spread of working memory increases as children grow older.  In pure terms the spread applies to all children. Those with exceptional working memory tend to be child geniuses. 

 The Cockcroft Report (1982) contends that however much the teaching of maths improves the spread of ability will remain the same. Asbury and Plomin (2018) geneticists also makes the same point. Half the population will always be average.


    No one would dispute that early years nurturing is of vital importance in determining children future learning attainment and that enabling a child to reach their full learning potential can have a vast influence upon their future lives. Developing reading standards provides the most secure avenues to social mobility, but strictly speaking genes are the seeds of learning. 

        It is extremely surprising that Susan Davies el al appear to have no interest in the inevitable language retardation that must arise when certain children with retarded English language development chose to educated through the me medium of Welsh, especially dyslexics.

  Learning in pure terms is nothing to do with income. In practice people with lower learning potential are less likely to obtain well paid employment. Poverty means that social deprived children do not enjoy such rich everyday life experiences as affluent ones.

   Susan Davies et al did not respond to my expressed concerns. The concern that I possess is referring to children 'catching up' is stigmatising children with generally low potential as failing, not doing what they are capable of achieving. 

 It also reinforcing the prejudice that all children are capable of achieving the same standard of attainment. It was such misguided prejudices in England that caused Michael Gode to set rigorous ridiculous primary Sats standards that left children in tears and 4,000 primary schools failing to reach them.

       Bristol university refers to around 40% of children's attainment being attributed to genes.

  There is strong case for discriminating against children of low learning potential to ensure that they are offered realistic targets to aim at so they will have a sense of achievement not failure. Cockcroft (1982) made this recommendation for mathematics assessments. Social mobility should be identifying the critical needs of the social deprived and those with generally low learning potential. 

 The Sutton Trust appears, which as a interest in social mobility, appears to have a more pragmatic interest in serving such children's needs, as opposed to Susan Davies et al., who appeared to use her 'Harvard'  to give her paper a status it did not deserve. "A Little Learning is Dangerous Thing". It accepted that disturbed home environments can retard children's development of executive function, but conditions like autism are genetically dictated and nothing to do with autism.