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The  Amygdala

Description of the Amygdala

Receive sensory information - connects to outputs. Information from cortex.
Something in the world cause pain - association like Pavlov.

Description of the Amygdala  (Crime - Murder)

Crime frontal cortex is not controlling the amygdala

Walking in the Grass - Amgydala

Tiger - without Amgydala not fear - will be eat

Neo Cortex - Prefontal Load - Working Memory

Frontal  Cortex to the Amygdala Alarm

Can be automatic default - Front Cortex can Set Alarm

No communication to the amygdala after it has a trauma

Frontal cortex

Harvard Emotion and the Mind  - 

Brain wiring can be changed -

Emotions are Involved in Decisions.

 Primitive non-verbal feeling - emotion can have an effect in w/m


Frontal lobe can work out the future and can catrophise

Frontal Lobes - Fortune telling - anxiety of what might happened - creates anxiety

Taking deep breath - resolves automatic response - relaxing

Which brain source is causing anxiety?  Top  v Bottom Up

Pyschosis - Life is Predictable - We draw on past Experience

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