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    Aran Jones only has a degree in Welsh literature.  

        Aran  has never been taught how to teach, his teaching capability has never been assessed. He has never been taught pedagogy or have had his understanding  of pedagogy assessed. He demonstrates a lamentable lack of understanding of pedagogy.  He does not understand how to teach or how to learn.  There is no convincing evidence he has learnt much in his life.


      Aran appears lamentably ignorant that professional teachers need intense training. They are not allowed to make up methods and allowed to do anything they like. Language cannot be learnt in hours. His claims are delusional. It is cognitively impossible to achieve what he claiming, especially using his impoverished methods. He is playing being a teacher and researcher.


     A degree of common sense should not be needed to work out that if there was simple way of learning a new language someone would  have discovered it before Aran.  He is too lamentably ignorant to understand that in fundamentally  learning a language is no different to learning anything else. Learning Welsh is no different to learning any other language.


    If Aran was professional teacher he would be struck off for making up methods and his dishonesty. If miracle learning methods works, then there would be no need for schools.  His methods are so 'unique' because no one else would get away with what he has been practising. 

The Following is Review of His Amazon Book:-


The introduction is just a 'hook' reeling you in for your wallet. The whole thing is an advertisement. It seems the author usually sells his services on line for ten - fifteen pounds and hour. Full of patter and no content, not even in English, for how to apply this so called method which doesn't really extend beyond Speaking words out loud and learning them in blocks followed by a long period of neglect!


 To be honest I would expect someone to tell me that much for nothing in casual conversation at a bus stop. There are references at the end to the great Michel Thomas (which incidently I have used extensively and MOST CERTAINLY AND UNRESERVEDLY DO HIGHLY recommend) and also the famous Pimsluer courses, just in case you're a language wimp not up for the Two levels of Spanish produced thus far or the more extensive Welsh lessons that supposedly inspired the authors efforts in the first place.

   In my opinion the author ought to be prosecuted under the trades descriptions act for selling an advert in the guise of a book. I might add that I am also well disappointed with Amazon for colluding in that.        
 No doubt there will be other points of view out there, but, those are mine, and I have no relation whatsoever to any individual or group mentioned in this review beyond that of a customer. Nor have I ever written a review for payment of any kind.

  By the way, Michel Thomas is my best recommendation for beginner, intermediate language students, and the cost is worth every penny. If you lack the hundred pounds or so for his full series of courses, or even if you wish to supplement them, I also highly recommend the totally free of cost and totally free of advert nuisance web sites 'Memrise' and also 'Duolingo'.

The Following is a Quote from his Website

Aran Jones implies learners, who learns his methods, that they will learn more effectively and that they "Will be happily chatting away in Welsh a few weeks from now'. This is clear misrepresentation.