SSIW Critcism 3 - Promised Method
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This is Aran Jones invitation to treat.                

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     Aran Jones claim about their knowing learners who are able to "happily be speaking away to anyone they meet" is very serious misrepresentation.  He must know that the W.J.E.C. refers to the fact that it takes four years of part time study to reach G.C.S.E. Welsh language proficiency. '"Any Welsh speakers they meet" implies that learners would  not only be able to speak to fluent Welsh speakers, but they will be able to cope with all the different dialects that exists in Wales. 

        Aran Jones promises learners, who learns his methods, that they will learn more effectively and that they "Will be happily chatting away in Welsh a few weeks from now'. This is clear misrepresentation.

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         All learners use translation when they learn a new language. It is the only way they can make sense of the new language. It takes a lot of time before learners will be able to confidently think and process a new language exclusively within a new language. 

         Grammar is also fundamental to learning a new language. The process of learning grammar is essentially learning the word the new language word order, such as the fact in Welsh people say 'bus red' instead of 'red bus'. It is needed for them to construct grammatical, meaningful language. 

   If learners are not taught grammar, then they will  only be able to learn languages by memorising phrases. Predominantly all second languages courses teach grammar.

        Aran Jones is using emotive language like 'crazy' and offering absurd explanations. These claims discourage learners from taking conventional courses and allow him to refer to his courses as being  'unique', virgin territory. No one has been there!

       They also encourage learners to refrain from practices that will secure the effective and more rapid development of language competency.

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       Aran Jones does not appear to be a very intelligent person if he does not know spoken language is fast and transitory. The phonemes, which are the smallest sounds between words, become blurred. Learners find it difficult to identify individual words in orally performed unfamiliar languages.

      Reading has a vital role in developing learners awareness of the detail of language sounds, vocabulary and grammar. Primary schools in Wales give considerable attention to oral language in Welsh. 

         Aran Jones is using emotive language again. His arguments are childish. All children learn language from the oral from birth. Illiterate people never develop the skill of reading and writing. Adults are intelligent people who are literate and they can transfer the language pocesses to a new language. They do not need to taught like three years old children.

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        Aran Jones claims that it is amazing that learners successfully learn language inspite of the system. Professional teachers and universities course providers are not offering website services, they need to foster tangible outcomes. His claims about language translators in risible.

    Aran Jones claims about using written material clearly illustrates his state of mind. He has effectively castigated every method that the Welsh learning centres and other language course providers offer (Possibly with the exception of Wlpan). He is marketing his simple course as superior.

  What he is doing is the equivalent of a 'quack' , who is advising cancer suffers to come off their cancer treatments,so that  they will experience a miracle cure. He is marketing his course to those who want to learn Welsh and also those who are struggling to learn it or who have discontinued with their learning. 


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     Aran Jones  advises learners to cut out the difficult stuff, they should not learn grammar, that they should concentrate on listening to language, and grammar. He claims how language is practised is important.


     Aran Jones claim that even new Welsh learners should listen to Welsh radio is ridible. This will require that they not only will be able to listen to fast language, but also to a wide range of real language.

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      What Aran means by learners echoing English is incomprehensible. 

       Welsh is a minority language is Wales, which is rarely heard being spoken on the streets of Wales. He must know this. There is noting really advanced about he advises. He refers to learners speaking Welsh better and understanding more than they expect.

Rote teaching allows learners to memorise a limited set of phrases that give them a false sense of language progress. He is promising that they will be able to speak to Welsh speakers, his method is an accelerated method of learning Welsh, but he is actively discouraging learners from applying proven methods. 

        Learners learning potential is not equal. Adults will supplement their learning through self-study. Learners using Aran Jones' website as resource may have had or be having formal lessons. Learners may learn Welsh despite what he offers.

          Aran is offering his method for other languages.

        Dr. Margaret Newcombe (2009), Cardiff School of Welsh, claimed that when learners master the Welsh language in class the battle is only half over. She refers to course providers misrepresenting the fact languages can be learn in three months. Hunter and Turner Welsh tutors refer to it. Hurd and Murphy Open University refers to it.

          Dr. Margaret Newcombe  quotes Helen Prosser, Course Director at the University Glamorgan at time, claiming learners can succeed in learning Welsh in intensive taught, not website, course in two years on an intensive course or six-years part time.

             There is no way to assess Aran Jones's claimed Welsh learners. His application for Agored Cymru accreditation of his prepared assessment were not approved, despite his claiming he had an association with them. 

From Aran Jones History.

2018-05-20 52png    Aran  Jones concept that he can create colonies of Welsh speakers across the world, people will chose to communicate with each other throughout the world in Welsh, as opposed to English, and they they could create colonies of speakers who could emigrate to Wales to create more Welsh speakers in Wales appears very strange.

Evaluation - Saysometiinginwelsh - Video of Aran Learning.

     Aran Jones  demonstrates his method on his Manx in Day hoax. All he is doing is repeating phrases that are read out the phrases. Learners will struggle to clear hear and will struggle to psychically pronounce words in a new language. The evidence is Aran had learn the phonology of language of Manx when developing the course for Venture Manx.

         Learners cannot learn language in this way. There is no structure to what is presented. No thinking either. The learning advice given is reckless. Learners may learns Aran phrases by repetition. They are given themslves a self-imposed community service.

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