SSIW Criticism 6 - Fake Science -
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      There has been a tradition in the world of Welsh for Adult tutoring to refer to 'Fake' science that sounds impressive, but has no substance. Aran Jones either does not understand what he reads or he deliberately misrepresents it. Synapses, for instance, are the links that a grown between neurons to create memory. It is common knowledge. He has not found that out!

          Aran Jones reference to neural circuits is confused. The core neural-language processes hat are engaged in language the same for oral and written language, but they engage different neural links to the each of the language skills, including motor skills. A

    Aran Jones has no teaching qualifications. He just make thing up to impress people. He must know this. He claimed he was experimenting to establish if  alcohol improved learning in his Manx in  Day stunt.

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