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The Questions Aran Jones will not answer

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1.  Aran Jones has no recognised teaching legal qualifications or training on how to research educational, learning issues.  Much of what he asserts is clearly 'made up'.
Aran has never had his teaching assessed or his understanding of pedagogy. 

2.  Why he believe that he can create and discover a 'unique' miracle method of language learning when authorities like those who contributed to '
Coleman and Klapper have failed to do so is a complete mystery. 

3. Why has Aran Jones'  believes that his 'fast memorisation' Bostick instant fix method of language learning has validity when leading authorities in the field are not aware of it, such as Alan Baddeley do not know about it is even a greater mystery.

4. Why does Aran Jones believe that it is possible to learn a new language from scratch to a basic communicative level in seven intensive hours, using such as simple method, when no one else in the world has been able to do it, such as Professor Sarah Eaton, defies credibility.

5. Aran Jones is lamentably ignorant of what exists in the literature such as the fact aural language is very transient and that it is difficult for new learners to identify individual words in aural language.

6. Aran Jones is only providing outcomes, he has not face to face contact with his learners, means he has no means of evaluating what learners achieve.

7.  No one of 'integrity', who has used his method to learn Welsh, has endorsd his method?  Tess Fitzpatrick is only a linguist, but she referred to his method as unconventional.

8. Aran Jones go around personally abusing English speakers and professional teachers, he has a lamentable lack of respect for their professionalism?

9.  Aran Jones not admit that Agored Cyrmu rejected his application for him to be offered accredited assessments?

10. Aran Jones worked to create the Manx version of Saysomehting in Welsh. 
The is evidence he developed oral proficiency in the Manx language and he was sitting at his computer screen in his Manx in Day stunt.


     Enthusiastic intelligent adults will develop some language competency. if they devote sufficient time to it. Not all adults learning potential is equal. All children are introduced to Welsh in school. Aran is likely to recruiting those who already speak some Welsh or a learning in learning centre.

    The issue is that if Aran Jones courses have integrity, then why does he need to engage in such aggressive and make so many mis-representations. Why has presented issues in his Kindle book he has not researched. 

           Aran Jones is clearly claiming to learners that if they do not want to learn Welsh for years that they should 'cut out the hard stuff' and use his unique method that no one else uses in the world. He is demanding that learners must devote two or more hours practicising his methods.

 Aran Jones will be find it impossible to defend the criticism that he has not read the literature and that he made his methods up. He has refused to defend the criticism. 

Learners enter into a contract with tutors to offer a learning service to them and unless tutors are dedicated to serving learners need and to provide an open and honest service to them, then they are in breech of contract. 

Socpie - Aran Jones has not denied that children use his website and he is influencing public opinion by making out Welsh is easier to learn than it really is.  He appears to be exploiting innocent for political, he personal interest and his commercial interests. 

       Aran Jones is also reckless advising parents about best learning practice.  His 
conduct and language is not appropriate either, such as using words like 'stuff' and they he goes around personally abusing professioanl people.

      Colin Miles refers to SaysomethinginWelsh collecting money for a Welsh political activist who vandalised a building and chose to go prison rather than paying a fine.

         Aran Jones knows what he has been is doing and that he cannot fulfil his promises.

The Challenge, the Papers he has Ignored. 

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