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Aran Jones is not a fluent Welsh speaker. He has lived in a range of countries across the world in his childhood.

The best things in life are free
But you can give them to the birds and bees
I want money

All they want is to take money out of English speakers pockets

Aran Jones admitted in on social media that when someone from Wrexham visited his house to lay a floor that all his family speak English.

 The English language is all around Welsh speakers. It is virtually impossible for a native English Speaker to lose their native English language. 

This claim is amazing.  It is: Joneses Newspeak is translated into English you not only wants people to learn Welsh across the world but is claiming he wants those who cannot speak English to use learns Welsh inspects dead so they can speak to Welsh Speakers.  But he is referring to huge numbers who cannot speak English.

 Aran is making the claim he stopped using English for political purposes. He is able to speak English when he wants to take money out of English speakers pockets.

     Welsh speakers feel very passionately about the Welsh language. It is the national language of Wales. It is part of our culture, but is just one of 6,000 languages across the world. Aran Jones mocked Howard for not wanting to learn Manx.

     There issue of what is the point of people across the world choosing to.learn Welsh when the language is not spoken in them. It difficult to find someone speaking Welsh on the streets of Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea let alone New Yor



This is an admission that all SSIW want is money. Aaron Jones under no legal teaching qualifications. Never had the conviction to do any training to understand to present language courses. In both pathological liars. An AB receiving the Welsh and English speaking population. They have no respect for the Welsh language Welsh language learners.