B.B.C. Wales News - Children Learning Welsh in Newport

       B.B.C. Wales featured children learning through the medium of Welsh in a Newport primary school where 95% of pupils were living in Welsh speaking homes. It was announced that children were being rewarded with points for speaking Welsh outside of school. B.B.C. Wales featured a Welsh speaking shop keeper commending this.

    The harsh reality is that political soundbites, ill-conceived and thought through gimmicks which will not save the living Welsh language. It must accepted that unless children practice Welsh in places like Newport their school learning will suffer, because they will never develop sufficient fluency to be able to successfully learn through the medium of Welsh.

     The tipping point of any living language is 67% speakers of it. If children do not live in Welsh speaking families, then they will not be able to get points for speaking Welsh at home, with their  families.

      Welsh is rarely heard on the streets of Swansea, let alone Newport. It is difficult to work out how children will earn their points. Political dreams are one thing. Practical realities are another. B.B.C. Wales does not appear to think through these Welsh language marketing stunts.

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