B.B.C. Wales School Swap: Korean Style - No Teaching There

     Wales must be proud of Euan, Sarah and Tommy from St. Davids' School, Pembrokeshire, who visited the Souel School South Korea in the B.B.C. Wales, "School Swap: South Korean Style". Tommy worked out there was no teaching taking place there. Euan recognised that there curriculum narrow and Sarah raised concerns about the mental health problems children had there. Is Pisa past its sell by date?

       Sian Griffiths, Sunday Times Reporter, who presented he program failed to refer to the key issue in her doom and gloom conclusions. Why she did not seek advice from a mathematics specialist is strange. There is no evidence she reads the Times Educational Supplement either See Pisa Paper.

      The B.B.C. presentation of Pisa on the Six o'clock news in December only concentrated upon the Pisa rankings.

Reference: Review of Pisa Papers