Carwyn James Greatest Achievement - Taking Politics out of Education

         The educational standards war has a long history. There is evidence that what proposed for the National Curriculum in 1987 was corrupted by politician's. What was intended was not delivered. Carwyn James must be commended for taking politics out of education in Wales.

         It has been recognised in England that the Michael Gove's 'knee jerk' reactions to Pisa was huge mistake. He attempted to take education back to the 1950s. The 2016 English Sats were a complete disaster. The English Government could not even work out a writing standard for the 2017 primary Sats.

          The Welsh Government has taken independent advice and it now respects its teacher. Any issue of Carwyn failing to raise school standards is unfair, because Wales has social deprivation and the learning potential is not and never will be equal. Effective reforms take years to mature.

         There evidence that the Welsh Government was badly advised about the issue of all children should be educated through the medium of Welsh. The policy is yet to be implemented. Kirsty has Williams called for more empirical research into all educational issue. It decades for the reformed education Wales to grow.