Chairman of C.B.I - Teacher Status & Concerns about Political interference re. Socpie

      The Chairman of the C.B.I., Paul Drechler, has called in the Times Educational Supplement for a commission to be created to protect teacher and children from political interference in education. This reflect the aims and objective of Socpie - Save Our Children from Political Interference.

     Socpie Mission Statement

     The problem that exists in England is the 'Daily Mail' culture. They clearly want and approve of grammar schools despite the O.E.C.D. disapproval of them.

    The problem is Wales is that the are Welsh language tutors playing being teachers and researchers. There Welsh language political activists getting embroiled in complex educational issues they do not understand. i.e. the proposals that all children should be educated through the medium of Welsh.

     Socpie challenges have been made in Wales. It is intended to increase the scope of socpie. Those challenged have right of reply. Whilst their will be disagreements about practice amongst profession, teaching and learning are deep sciences is often learning about what we do not know, as opposed to what we do, there are certain issues that cannot be questioned. i.e. the fact that rote teaching is ineffective.

  Many prejudices about because "Tom, Dicks and Mary's" do not speak and understand the language of education. Professional teachers understand what children are capable of achieving and the learning difficulties children will experience. 

 The C.B.I. has recogised this need.

       What scopie is vehemently opposed to is "Tom, Dicks and Marys" making unqualified and inaccurate claims about learning in the public domain, expressing prejudices, especially those who castigate proven teaching practices and abuse professional teachers.

Paul Drechsler Article