Cymdethias Iaeth - The Welsh Language Society - Newsnight Attact

         The attack on the Newsnight editor for discussing the role of Welsh Government support for the Welsh Language appears very childish. The narrow mindedness of Cymdethias Iaeth is a concern.

    We are now living in the 21st Century. There are exciting, interesting developments arising from secure neuro-science and cognitive research. No bank would invested in anything unless there was clear, convincing business plan. If Cymdethias really want the living language to survive, then what they propose most have proven validity.

      They appear unwilling to converse with English speakers. They appear to have childish tantrums when anything is said that they disagree with. Their members appear disinterested in contributing to the whole of Welsh society.

       Only 8,000 out of the 300,00 fluent Welsh speakers in Wales complained to the B.B.C. Many of their protests are about complex issues that they do not appear to understand. It is now 2017, not the 1960s. The future of the Welsh language will be dictated by science, not political rhetoric, hope, optimism and guesswork.

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