Education's Lost Children - Sutton Trust

     The following paper by the Sutton Trust, which is a charity dedicated to creating social mobility, is a very valid one. 
   It reflects the sentiment expressed by Drew Povey, headmaster of the Channel 4 featuring 'Harrop Fold' school in Salford Manchester, where he claims that the English education system is setting up vulnerable children to fail. 
    Children's educational attainment is not only dictated by social factors. it is also dictated by children's learning potential. The evidence is that this is dictated by hereditary factors and nurture. It can and never will be equal.
     Drew Povey claims that there is little point in a child learning French to obtain a G.C.S.E. level four in it, when they could be take a subject like sports science and achieve success in it.
     This applies to mathematical education. A lot of the content of G.C.S.E. mathematics is not directly relevant to even adults everyday life needs.
     The Cockcroft Report in 1982 advised that a mathematics examination should be created for those of average and lower average learning potential could succeed in. it contended that however much standards will be improved the differences in the subject will remain.
       The Welsh Government has created a basic G.C.S.E. mathematics examination. The English Government has not. Children of lower learning potential experience of schooling is all too often one of failing to achieve.
    Government should not create an examination system that abandons the social deprived children and those with lower learning potential. These tend to be interrelated, but they are not always.

Education Lost Children - Sutton Trust