Fake News Aran Jones Style - Learning Welsh

        Aran Jones, the Welsh Political Activists, who is encouraging learners to learn Welsh, is making money giving lessons to them. Last Autumn he succeeded in convincing Manx T.V. on the Isle of Man that he learnt the Manx language from scratch to a conversation level in seven hours! He claimed it could done in any language.

        The Manx islanders believed him.  He appeared to be sponsored by Manx Vodka company, because he claimed on Media Wales that he was experimenting whether Manx Vodka improved language learning.

  Click to see his fake news marketing stunt

        No one would play a being a doctor, solicitor or aircraft pilot, but any "Tom, Dick or Michael' believe they can play a being teachers, educational researchers.They are just quacks.

   Anyone who has paid to use his website please could they contact me. Email howard@hgunn.uk

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