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        Dylan Wiliam, who Welshman, who was educated on Whitchurch High School Cardiff, and is world authority on education, is reported in the T.E.S. that in a meeting where Andrea Schlecher was present that he stated that he no longer viewed the Pisa International school rankings as having value, because it does not take into account private tuition. He cited South Korean children doing excessive hours of homework also.

       Tommy from Pembrokeshire when he was sitting in his Seoul school in his desk in the B.B.C. South Korean School Swap program claimed without knowing it they were not be taught in the school. He referred to them being presented with information that did not necessarily meant the understand it. (He should not have used the word 'necessarily'.

   Dylan also referred to distorted information. i.e. children from Shanghai not taking the assessments.

Congratulations to B.B.C. Wales for Exposing what was happening in South Korean.

Letter 2nd December 2006 T.E.S.

The Souel   - Howard Gunn

      "B.B.C. Wales "School Swap: Korean Style" which featured three children visiting a South Korean School illustrates how out of touch with reality the Westminsters governments educational policies are. Children in Seoul experience a 60 hour week. They are in schools and private teaching institutions from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

       An Australian report on Pisa 2012 states that they were satisfied despite a range of East Asian countries being ranked above them. Evidence from Havard university suggests US dissatisfaction with their scores has concentrated on raising the attainment of socially disadvantaged. They did not apply 'knee jerk' reactions and engage in delusional East Asian rote teaching.

See Pisa and H.G. Book (Pdf copy available) 

  Howard will write a Pisa paper shortly.