HGunn Consultancy Ambitions 2019

   Howard is currently completing his sixth researched book. He has developed an understanding of cognition. He now intends to approach certain authorities to develop his work. He is expecting to approach a private teaching institution and a school of education.

           There are deep issues that need to be considered and debated if children's needs are to be catered for. Professional teachers are under such immense pressure that they often they do not have the time to sit back and review the literature. It is important that the aspirations for children is realistic and the school curriculum is appropriate for children's needs.

         Howard argues in his new book that extraneous cognitive load that which is not necessary for learning should be applied to the whole curriculum. Deep and continuing debates need to undertaken of what will be of long term value for children to learn. There are no simple answer to the question.

     Howards is expecting to offer papers to Welsh Institute of Affairs.