Inequality of Education Report - Nick Clegg - 13th July 2017

      The Independent report into the inequality of education that has been published is to be welcomed. It is wonderful to hear of an independent cross-party report recognising that schools standards are rising.

       It is predicable that the Westminster Government has been dismissive of the independent report. When political rhetoric abounds little sense is normally found.

         The reason why deprived schools tend not recruit the better qualified and talented teachers is because, as Gunn (2010) contended, it is very easy to be a good teacher in a good catchment area school, but it is in the teaching children of generally average and lower than average potential that the real teaching challenge arises. Teachers in socially deprived schools have to address more truculent children's behaviour.

          Teachers are very tired ill-conceived and ill-thought out the Englsh  educational initiatives, especially those the Pisa assessments have generated. Raise the bar assessment initiatives do not improve standards, it just increases failure for too many children, failing children and failing schools.

        Teachers are human beings not lumps of meat. They understandably will not always enjoy the unenviable hassle of teaching deprived schools. A head recently said that when children a disciplined in school, children often telephone their parents and they fight their children's cause. Some teachers will struggle to control children's behaviour..