John Sweller - Managing Working Memory is Fundamental to All Learning.

          Despite the behaviourist virus that has had such an effect on English education in recent years, children's learning cannot be divorced from cognitive principles. The Cockcroft Report into mathematics in 1982 reviewed what was known about learning at that time and highlighted the limitations of behaviourist, instrumental education.
       Cockcroft recognised the limitations of what he referred to as short term memory. He also recognised a seven year gap in children's mathematical attainment across English speaking countries. He recognised that children's learning potential was not equal. There is no convincing evidence politician's have.
        Sweller contends to that the difference between a chess novice and chess masters is the amount that they have committed to long term memory. The development of fluency requires a vast amount of focused practisedto create it.
         Understanding working memory is of vital importance in establish how children will learn effectively and what they are capable of achieving. It has vital relevance to issue of children attempt to learn in a language which is not their native one.

Working Memory

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