Llangennech School, Llanelli Language War Heartbreak

      It has always been said that unemployment is a statistic until it is your job!

     Every parent has only one interest when it comes to the education of their children. They want what is in the best learning interests of their child.

       The parents in Llangenech, who have chosen for their children to be educated through their native everyday language of English would have never thought that they would become involved in what has been described as a toxic war about their children's future education. Primary children are not old enough to understand the issue.

        Leanne Woods, Plaid Cymru leader, claimed in the Llanelli Star" on the 22nd February 2016 stated about what is happening that, "People need to live together peacefully and carry on a normal community life." It is reasonable to suggest children who were learning through the medium of English had the right to continue with their education 'somewhere' through the medium of their native language.

      Parents claimed that they want to support their children's education is valid. It must surely be a human right for each child to receive their parent's  support. This is what schools want.

       English is the majority language in Wales.

       A similar dispute arose in Ireland where Irish language activists were accusing parents there of being opposed to the Irish language (See H.G. Welsh Language Papers).

        The parents in Llengennith were claiming it was an educational issue. It is. Choosing the medium a child receives their education through is fundamental to all their learning. Children go to school to be educated. Not to learn a new  language. The two are not the same.

      Selecting what language children should be educated through should not be viewed as superficially as selecting the colour of new car!

       It is a complete mystery why Carmarthenshire County Council hsve not  offered  villagers alternative arrangements to allow the villagers who want their children to educated in their native English language to do so. There was similar dispute in Ireland.

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