New Paper - Ten Thousand Hours to Learn A Language.

      There is new research paper on both websites (hgunn) about whether it is realistic to suggest that it takes 10,000 hours to develop a new language.  It is recognised in cognitive research that this time is needed to develop mastery. We all have the fluency of academic in our native language. 

      Very young children receive intensive one to one support from their parents, siblings and family to enable them to develop the roots of their native language spoken fluency. Although they absorb languages like sponges, the support is very time intensive. The language they are developing is all around them. 

       Learning new words are no different to learning new security codes. They need intensive practice to develop them into fluent recall. Thousand of them need to be learnt in a new language. Fluency needs to interrelated networks of words. 

        Learning is process of cognitive growth, the evidence is that it takes around 10,000 hours to develop native like second language fluency. Learning languages that not all around learners are difficult to develop fluency in.