On Line Children is the Equivalent of their Eating Junk Food - English Children's Commisoner 6th August 2017

      This a very welcome announcement. Time is essential ingredient in developing learning fluency, especially language skills. It was claimed that they are spending up to 15 hours of week on line including children as young as 8 to 10 years of age.

     The B.B.C. Panorama 'Britain Sleep' contended that children's were experiencing deprived sleep because of social media.

       Governments are making top down demands of what schools and children should do. What is often forgotten that teachers are not in total control of children's lives. The feature of Far East culture is that parents view themselves as being responsible for their children's attainment in school.

       Teachers are being publicly castigated for children's under performance in examinations,  but they have no control of children's examination preparation at home. There is need throughout the United KIngdom to increasing remind parents about their responsibilities.