Peace in Our Time - The English Government has Recognised the Blunders it Made

          The interesting feature of the Pisa international assessments, which are not reliable assessments, is that despite many countries suffering from the Pisa virus and wanting to climb the rankings, most countries' rankings have remained remarkably stable since Pisa was introduced. Despite the Pisa knee jerk reforms in England, their rankings did not change in 2015.

      The English Government has now had to face that fact that children are not inaminate objects on a production line, where education can be poured into them and children cannot be cloned to reach the same standards. Amanda Speilman has been calling for education to be based upon empirical research.
    Children have failed to reach their targets for socially deprived children in Wales. Sue Holland, Welsh Children's Commissioner, perceptively claimed there was no simple solution to the problem. The appears to be an increasing
recognition that children learn in schools, governments cannot learn for them and that top down educational standards initiatives have failed children. 
      The reason why teachers need training is because they are the successes of the educational system. They need to develop an understanding of the needs of those who struggle. There are teachers in good catchment areas schools, who can enjoy a whole career, without knowing the challenges that exists in deprived catchment areas schools. Just because someone has sat in desk in school does not makes them authority on learning issues.
        The top down dream that all children are capable of learning Welsh and then through the medium of it will not damage their education, nor will it increase the proportion of Welsh speakers in Wales needs to be buried for ever. If a proportion of children are struggling to develop fluency, literacy in the native language, then how the hell will learning through Welsh will improve their literacy and how the hell are they going to easily develop Welsh language fluency.
   Is Wales going to develop English speakers only sink schools.