Prof DaI Reynolds Questions Donaldson?

  In respect of Meilyr Rowlands claims that secondary teaching standards will not improve until the Donaldson Curriculum is introduced, Professor David Reynolds, who is a leading world authority on school effectiveness, has suggest that improving teaching standards and introducing a new curriculum will be incompatible.

       There are vast advantages in evolution as opposed to revolution in education. It must never be forgotten that it takes over ten years to grow an educated child. It takes a long time for teachers to develop the quality of their teaching. 

 Dylan Wiliam, another leading educationalist, who happens to be Welsh, illustrates how many planned for reforms to improve educational standards have failed. Donaldson intent cannot be questioned, whether it can be effectively delivered is another. It will take time for a new curriculum to settle down.

 All too often these positive announcements are received in the public by Tom, Dicks and Mary's who engage in superficial debates without giving active thought to them or understanding the issue, which were explained in Media Wales more comprehensive and balanced than the B.B.C.'s. 

 There is no evidence the Welsh Education system is in crisis. It is aim to foster world class teaching standards in school education.

 They are certainly not giving learners children's pantomimes, because they are under the delusion that learners can sub-consciously learn like three yew, that one Welsh for Adult language tutor has been practising in an E.S.T.Y.N inspected service. All professional teachers know how to teach!

 Pisa announces it scores to 1,000 to a degree. Top ranking countries are around 55%

Maths Wales 47.8%  U.K. 49.2%  USA 47%  Pisa Average 49%

Reading Wales 47.7% U.K. 49.8% USA 47% Pisa Average 49.3%   Shaghai+Provinces 49.4%

Science Wales 48.5% U.K. 50.9% USA 49.6% Pisa Average 49.3%

The Pisa results were around 6% to 10% higher than South East and South Central with a large population base and high levels of social deprevatipm

Pisa claims, which far from convincing that 40 Pisa point equals years progress, which means that I Pisa point relates to just over a weeks progress. In percentage terms it 4%.

This suggests 3 months gap in the Welsh scores and the Pisa average. 

The Pisa scores just a cocktail of scores - it is not explicit what it really means.  

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