Professional Teachers Leaving the Profession in Droves

         The Sunday Mirror is reported that teachers are leaving the profession in droves. This not new. All teachers are very tired of the constant criticism, low status and the harsh reality of life at the pit face in the classroom. They are wholeheartedly tired of political interference.

         David Haynes referred on the South Korean Swap program about the lack of qualified mathematics teachers in Wales.The Welsh government is advertising for teachers using the marketing sound bite 'discover teaching'.

        Any teacher who does not fluently speak proper Welsh would be very unwise to train to teach in Wales, because unless they are fluent Welsh speakers there appears to be no future for them in Wales irrespective how talented they may be.

       Dylan Williams, who is world authority on education, who is Welsh, claims that a problem in the western world is recruiting high quality teachers. Many women are now choosing professions other than teaching and nursing as they traditionally used to do. Not every person in society can be trained to be an effective teacher. It requires intelligence to teach.

      Teaching expertise requires years to develop. Wales has already lost a cohort of experience teachers through their taking early retirement.

Sunday Mail Article