Professor David Reynolds - Educationalist Returns to Wales

         Professor 'Dai' Reynolds has returned to Wales to Swansea University. He must be respected for declaring that he has never taught, but it is what people do in this world that is important, not what they claim. I understand he  has written thirty-three books.

     Professor David Reynolds is a world authority on international educations systems and school performance. I am confident that I speak for  most Welsh teacher is saying we would prefer to see David Reynolds in Swansea University, as opposed to Andreas Schliecher, head of Pisa, armed only with his statistics.

        His vision is that teaching should resemble medical and proven practices should be applied across the world instead of D.I.Y. teaching methods. It is unfortunate that Andreas Schliecher and Nick Gibbs, the English Schools minister, does not appear to share that vision.

       Professor David Reynolds call for more empirical research, which  Kirsty Williams has agreed with. Top down educational initiatives, expressing high ideals without considering how they can pragmatically achieved  have failed children, because they lamentably failed to establish how they are achieved.