Professor Sioned Davies - Working Memory

         Professor Sioned Davies, Cardiff School of Welsh, who wrote a report on the role of Welsh language in schools, appears to have left Cardiff University. She was a language academic, not a qualified educationalist. Her speciality appears to have been the old Welsh language. The Maginobion.

        Professor Sioned Davies was not legally qualified to teach in schools or write a school curriculum. She has never taught a child. Only Q.T.S. and Q.T.L.S. teachers are legally entitled to call themselves teachers in Wales. Everyone else are tutors.       

        Cardiff School of Welsh were practising Skinnerist rote teaching late 1950s behaviourist methods in their community course. Their Wlpan methods as explained by

         Dr. Margaret Newcombe, Cardiff School of Welsh, was first used in 1940 in Israel.  Their Welsh for Adult research referred to instruction not teaching (Feed the duck methods). The learning discontinuity rates were inevitably high and there is no convincing evidence they knew what real teaching was in Cardiff School of Welsh.  

            There is not a word for distinguishing between  'teaching' and 'learning' in the Welsh language. It appear that the meaning of "Ymchwil" in Welsh is not equivalent to the meaning of 'research' in English, finding out what we do not know.

          It is strange that Professor Sioned Davies never researched working memory in relation to language acquisition. It is referred to in DeKasyer (2007). It is extremely strange that she did not establish that there is around a five year learning deficit when children attempt to be educated through the medium of any new language, even when it is a majority language in a country Baker (2011).

            Professor Sioned Davies also appears ignorant of the fact that professional teachers are required to teach children of all learning potential, not only elite academics. She appears to lamentably ignorant of the needs of children of average and lower than average learning potential, that professional teachers are legally required to have high expectations for the children that they teach and that each child in Wales have a legal right to reach their full learning potential.

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