Scottish Ulpan - The Slow Road to Language Learning

           The 1947 Uplan method (Wlpan) is being marketed as the fast way to learn Scottish Gaelic. Unfortunately it not the high road to learning Scottish Gaelic, it is the low road. There will not be much Gaellc spoken on the Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond!

     Learners cannot learn language through memorising twelve phrases each week 'Parrot Fashion'. Whatever is being actually achieved, as opposed to what is being claimed, learners will learn much more effectively if they are taught languages using proven methods. It is strange why these methods endure when it known what the proven second language methods are.

      The person on the streets expects to be taught by rote. It is a simple approach that provides them with a false sense of progress. It allows any "Tom, Dick or Mary" to earn money through teaching it with minimal training.

     No one would dream of practicising any aspect of medicine without opening a book and undertaking appropriate training.  People appear to believe that they can say anything they like when it comes to second language  teaching issues. Learners enter into a contract to be taught languages.