Should Wales have a Language Commissioner to Represent Welsh and English Speakers Interests

          The problem with the Welsh Language Policies is that in terms to the scales of justice that most implemented Welsh languages policies have an impact upon the English language. If children are devoting more time to developing their Welsh language in school, then they will not be developing their English language skills.

  If more Welsh speakers only employment opportunities are created in Wales, then there will be fewer employment opportunities for native only English speakers teachers.
Most English speakers will need to spent six years, if they are lucky, before they will be able to apply for an application form for Welsh speakers only jobs.

      It will probably take longer if they need to learn proper Welsh to obtain an application form. Children brought up in Welsh speakers families will always have greater opportunity to achieve them.

      I understand Marie Huws contract is coming to an end. It appears reasonable to suggest to consideration should be given to creating a Language Commissioner, which need to be a Welsh speaker, but it would create a requirement for he or her to represent the needs of English speakers as well as Welsh.


    English speakers have no English Language Commissioner to respect their rights and