Socpie w/s Revised - New Independent Research in the Role of the Welsh Language is Schools

         It is reported on the Welsh Language Societies website that Welsh Government is to commission independent research into coercising all children to be educated through the medium of Welsh.

  This is what Socpie, Save Our Children from Political Interference called for in its Welsh Government Petition.

      There has never been any research into educating native English speaking children through the medium of Welsh. Welsh Medium education was not introduced in Wales for English speaking children to learn Welsh.

         There is a need for openness and honesty in all Welsh Language issues. Kirsty Williams, the Welsh government education minister, has called for empirical research to be undertaken to inform on educational practice. The education of children is too important to be left to political rhetoric, hope, optimism, and guesswork.

        There is evidence the Welsh Government is adopting a realistic appraisal, recognition that top down initiatives fail learners. Research illustrates that a 12 year old will have a vocabulary (average vocabulary of 12,000 words) and children tend to gain a 1,000 words per year in vocabulary. (This statistic does not take into account the difference between the passive and active vocabulary.)

 Research illustrates that throughout the world that children, adults develop oracy, but 10% of the world population is illiterate. This reflects the fact that although desirable, it
is not essential for children to be able to be literate to communicate and written language is not so intensively around learners as aural language is.

       Although learners are actively involved in their early language learning and their learning of words in no sub-conscious, they are not consciously aware of what they are doing and their learning is more natural, it is learnt in the 'here' and 'now' as an intrinsic part of their everyday lives.

  Reading is learnt more consciously and it starts at an older age. This applies to learning a new language.

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