The Age of Political Interference in Education R.I.P. = David Mujis

       The English Government has appointed David Mujis, formerly from highly acclaimed Southampton School of Education, to the new post of head of Ofsted research. He co-authored a book with Professor David Reynolds, who has just moved from Southampton to Swansea University, which argued that teaching should become research based similar to medicine.
  Kirsty Williams the Welsh education minister and Andrea Spielman, head of Ostead has both called for more empirical research to be undertaken in education. Many of the answers exists. Socpie is calling for more research in respect of Welsh language education. The Welsh Government cannot afford to get the issue wrong.

        Despite the school standards war children have successfully gone to universities in the United Kingdom and developing a new curriculum is brave step into the unknown. It would be over simplistic to view children learning success simply in terms of the Pisa results, because it is what an education equips children to do in the future is of vital importance, no simply what they perform in any given assessment on a given day.
       If governments are really committed to raising standards, then they must respect the professionalism of its teachers and give them a significant role in contributing to developing children's educational needs, because they have tended to get castigated when ill-concieved and ill-thought through educational policies go wrong. The evidence is the O.E.C.D. thinking remains too
distanced from the pit-face of school learning.