The Big Lesson from the World Best School System: Trust your Teachers. Guardian 9th August 2017

       The Finnish Education system has been the envy of many countries of the world. Pasi Salsberg, who is Finnish educationalist, contends that it would not be straightforward to transfer Finish education to other countries. Professor David Reynolds, Welsh educationalist, who is authority of school effectiveness, warns of the danger of unquestionably importing educational systems of other countries.
     There is a Northern Ireland 2008 Report that concluded that there was evidence of social and behavioural problems arising in Finland. This may account for their Pisa decline. This may account for their drop in the 2015 Pisa rankings.
      Most interestingly, the Report claims that university mathematics schools in Finland did not view Finnish children mathematical attainment as high in 2008.
On the other side of the equation, the 2016 B.B.C. Wales "School Swap: South Korean Style" featured a Pembrokeshire school children visiting a Pembrokeshire school, where no teaching was taking place. Children were being taught by rote. Children were having private lessons and attending evening classes. It was questionable what their school teachers were actually teaching them, the extent they were responsible for their achievements.
         The problem that has arisen in the United Kingdom is that teachers are not trusted. They are being expected to work miracles with children and they are severely criticised when the political and public expectations are not met. The are complex issues surrounding of what is achievable standards.  Examination success does not necessary mean children have securely learnt what they need to.
Despite all the improvement in teaching standards, curriculum and the wealth of paperwork, the concerns over standards endures. The problem is that teachers and schools are too frightened to take risks with children's education. The quantity of learning does not equal the quality of it. The fundamental problem of education in the United Kingdom it education is too political. Where political rhetoric abounds, little sense is normally found.  
The Big Lesson from the World Best School System: Trust your Teachers.

Guardian 9th August 2017

Northern Ireland Report on Finnish Education