The Devastating Effect that Poverty has on Children Education in Wales.

       The Save the Children Wales report is extremely interesting. it recognises the importance of children's learning early learning development from birth. Children's hard wiring is developed from an early age. Language development is fundamental to their future learning success. This applies to all children. 
        The implication in the report that genes does not have an influence upon what children will be able achieve does not appear to be sustainable. Sue Garthcole, who is professor of Cognitive Psychology at the Cambridge University Brain Medical Research centre, clearly declares that working memory is hereditary determined. There are abnormally low and high working memory capacity that deviates from average working memory. There is no evidence this can be fostered.
‚ÄÉResearch with identical twins illustrates that there is a hereditrary factor in intelligence. The precise boundaries between nurture and nature will always be blurred. The difference between enabling children to reach their full learning potential learning and not learning it will be great. There is a dangers in having unrealistic expectations of what children will be capable of achieving.