The Donaldson Report on School Inspections - the Best that has happened in Teaching since 1987

        The Welsh Government must be commended for commissioning of the Donaldson Report on school inspections. Donaldson has claimed that high quality learning systems cannot be built on fear.

      Wales is moving towards developing a educational system it can be proud of, but will take around 10 years mature. 

        The crime and punishment approach to teaching has failed in England. They failed 4,000 primary schools for failing to reach their delusional 2016 primary raise the bar Sats standards. They wanted to punish failing schools into academies.

         They have had a crime and punishment view towards children also. There exacting standards initiative has caused teachers to teach to their tests and increase failure of children. 

   We must be proud that the Welsh Government has taken politics out of education and they have put children leaning first and I understand they are independently reviewing Professor Sioned Davies Welsh language proposals, which was not supported by credible research.