The Future Development of Second Language Learning - Invited Guests Please Read

       There is evidence that second language teaching is an educational disaster area in the United Kingdom. Keith Field, a leading authority on second languages contended that the problem has been that there has never been a major government report into it. In pure terms learning a new language requires learners to become remedial language learners and users of it.
      Second language learners need to learn a new more formally than that in native language acquisition, but the same cognitive process will need to developed in both. There will be positive transfer of skills and processes with older learners, but the overlap will not be as great as tends to be believed
, but viewed from a cognitive perspective, it is a very complicated interaction. It appears simple because it has been so well practised.
        I have been able to bring a cross-curricula perspective to my research and, although there are no simple answers to second language learning issues, the learning of the subject viewed from learning perspective is nearer maths than English, because fluency normally needs to be created in environments where the language is not all around learners.     
   I am confident that my work has relevance to English language learning as well. It should allow English reading skills to be improved.
    I will be prepared to make my books available to suitable authorities in the field throughout anywhere in the world to those who possess the understnding of pedagogy to evaluate them. Approaches will be made.