The General Teaching Workforce Council: Teachers do not want to become Head Teachers! Why?

  Professional teachers' have to conform the most exacting standards of professional practice and conduct in their private lives in comparison with the other professions in Wales. Teachers are publicly accused for failing children learning interests, but highly intelligent, motivated university students only drop out of universities. Politician's do not blame the university for their failure.
    Sue Holland Welsh Children's Commissioner recently referred to a Welsh Government Report that has found that socially  deprived children in Wales are up to 18 mouths behind in their reading when entering primary school (The U.K. deprived reading score is around 8 months behind Australia and Canada re. Sutton Trust). Sue said there was no simple solution to the problem.
       Professional teacher are held responsible for the impact this will have upon their school performance throughout their schooling and in the Pisa international rankings. Teachers get the criticism for their low attainment. (See Educating Drew)
        Research has illustrated that many people view pharmacists as glorified shop keepers because despite their five years training they only possess a higher degree. Professional teachers, despite their being highly trained are looked down upon because they do not possess Ph.D.'''s.
     Doing a teaching degree is much more demanding that many university degrees like general second language degrees, media and circus studies.
      The process of teaching is a very deep science, especially in the teaching of basic skills. Doctors and solicitors obtain high fees for their professional opinions, professional teachers only receive contempt. They are constant bombarded with direct and implied criticism. Every "Tom, Dick and Mary" believe they can teach.
 I have possessed a higher educational degree, which the Welsh Government has been advised more teachers should obtain,  but I have been subject to vicious personal abuse about my professional status and professional opinions. People appear to believe they can saying they like to teachers.
      Intelligence is needed to teach. Teachers are and will continue to vote with their feet until their professionalism is given the respect that they deserve is awarded to them and the political interference in educational issue ceases. The situation is even worse in England where the English Government adopted a crime and punishment policy towards education. It appears they have recognised their mistakes.