The Most Recent Proposal that Welsh Government want Teachers to Work thro' Welsh

The Times Educational Supplement has report that professional teachers are working a 50 hour week. The Welsh Government has offered teachers ' advice on how to manage their work load. The W.J.E.C. claims that it takes four years of part time to study to reach only G.C.S.E. Welsh language proficiency. The Welsh Government now want English speakers to spend around 6,000 and 10,000 hours learning Welsh so they can work through it.
 Teachers are being expected to undertake professional development to develop world class teaching standards. The W.G. want more teachers to obtain masterates.
They are learning a new curriculum and developing it, which will take at least five years to bed down. The W.G. must decide, assuming they respect the facts that teachers should be entitled to have nights sleep, whether they want teachers to devote their time to improving educational standards or learning Welsh.

    Dr. Margaret Newcombe, Cardiff School of Welsh (2009) admitted that many Welsh speakers are reluctant to speak Welsh to Welsh learners and that is extremely for them to find a native Welsh speakers to speak Welsh to in places like Cardiff. She claims that thousands of adults drop out of Welsh learning every year (See Newcombe).

     The fact that teachers can teach effectively through the medium of Welsh does not necessarily mean that they will develop sufficient command of Welsh to teach effectively through it. The same applies to children's learning.

       It is unclear of whether the W.G. want teachers to walk into school and arbitrarily interrupt children education, as happened in Llagenneth School. Llanelli (See Llangennith), as start educating them through the medium of Welsh.

   There is no evidence there is plan. If it is, it appears to be written on the back of a stamp.