The Pisa Virus is Virulent amongst Politician's and the Media.

      Pasi Shalberg, a Finnish educationalist described Pisa as being a bug, a virus, He referred to meeting Swedish Education Minister, who declared that his ambition for his country to out rank Finland. 
     What is interesting about Pisa is that they take the same sample for United States, which has a population of 323 million, as Ireland with 5 million.
       The B.B.C. Wales School Swap South Korean Style illustrated that lied behind their hIgh Pisa rankings. There was no teaching taking place in their schools, the curriculum was narrow and they were devoting child labour hours to receiving private lessons after school..
     Kortz new book the "Testing Charde" provides a fascinating insight into the variations that exist in the standards across the United States and the problems that exists there. There is high competition and concentrated cohort of deprived children in certain schools. 
     Korts explains how setting unrealistic targets, over assessment and political interference is destroying American education. He illustrates that it is very easy for politicians and, or
administrators to sit behind a desk and  decide what should happen in school, without consider how it can be achieve.
       This occurred with the English Government raise the bar primary 2016 Sats, Teachers admitted teaching to the test. There was a whole range of educationalists who criticised them. 4,000 primary schools failed the assessments!!
       It has been known for generations that high stakes assessments lead to teachers teaching to teach. There has even been cheating in certain schools and states in America.
    In pure terms all it can be said that any assessment only illustrates what children do in them. The perfect assessment has and will never exist. G.C.S.E grades are banded. The stupidity of Pisa countries are ranked into 1,000th.