The Welsh Government has Dropped its Pisa Targets

       The Welsh Government has abandoned is Pisa targets. It has decided to dedicate itself to serving children education. Unlike other education ministers they have done their maths, because it is impossible for every country in the world to raise its rankings.

      They appear to have done some reading also. Pasi Shalberg, a leading Finnish educationalist, refers to Pisa as a germ, a virus that kills schools. Ted Rose, a leading educationalist in Harvard, University, United also is critical of Pisa. He claims the ranking merely reflects the level of social deprevation in countries.

     Even Andrea Schielecher, head of education of the O.E.C.D., has failed to furnish a credible explanation why Shanghai - China since it was combined with other China provinces reading ranking has crashed below the United Kingdom Score.

     If Shanghai-China had been assessed a whole like all other countries in the world, it would have been topped ranked.

     Topped rank Shaghai-China consider dropping out of Pisa in 2014, because it was obstructing their reforming their educational system there.

Pasi Shalberg - Germ that Kills Schools (Pisa) - Vid

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