The Worst Places to Grow Up in Wales (And the Best) - Social Deprvation

      In respect of the report on the prospect of social deprived children and where they can enjoy the best chance in Wales the real situation is much more complicated than it appears on the surface.
      There is a very interesting report by the Sutton Report that young social deprived children are around six months behind when they enter s in the United Kingdom in their reading before they start school in comparison with Australia.

      There interesting thing about the research is that it found a correlation between parents low income, socio-economic status, but also in their level of education. The two are related. This reflects the fact there is a relationship between what children inherit and their learning potential. More intelligence parents are more inclined to obtain higher economic status and to be able to support children's education more.

    This does not mean all children in low socio-economic status are not intelligent, nor that we should have low expectation, but is important that their education that they are given should designed to give each child the  best opportunity in life. The no simple to answer to this question.

      As a society we must consider what must the most important learning priorities are for them. When political activist like the Welsh Language Society make their demands about all children should learn and be taught through the medium of Welsh, they have not concept that such children exist, let alone what their needs are.

The Worst Places to Grow Poor in Wales (and the best)

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