There is need for Welsh for Adult Learners Association to be dedicated to Serving Learners Interests

        There is no convincing evidence that the Welsh for Adult service is currently dedicated to serving conscientious, enthusiastic adult learners needs. They are expecting learners to devote their hard earned money and time to learn the Welsh language, but they appear uncommitted to catering for learners needs. 

       The problem is that we all accept services in good faith because we do not have the expertise to evaluate them. What is in adult learners believe is in their best learning interests to achieve is not necessarily in learning interests. 

     Professional teachers are dedicated to helping learners. They want to help them overcome their leaning difficulties. How the universities could practice the same worn out tutoring method for twenty or thirty years is a complete mystery.

      The Welsh Government subsidised Welsh for Adult is state monopoly. There is no alternative. Course providers are exploiting this. Dic Mortimer called for professional teaching in Welsh for Adult tutoring. The universities appear to have been allowed to do anything they like (Re. Wlpan/Ulpan)

        Dr. Margaret Newcombe, Cardiff School of Welsh, claimed that "Wales was bursting with talented teachers who can lead upon the world stage", in her 2009 book whilst advocating the 1950s Skinnerist tutoring values. Wikepedia claims the Ulpan method is failing in Israel.