Times Educational Articles 2018 - Political Dreams Desolving into Political Dissillusion

     There are hyperlinks to Times Educational Supplement Articles on this website. The articles illustrates the crisis that exists in the English education system. It proves that simple over idealistic solutions to complex educational problems leads to over simplistic, superficial results. 

        There is reference to 14 years olds not doing any homework on weekdays and children vocabulary declining to such an extent that teacher are concerned about children's future G.C.S.E. results. In Wales arguments are being made that all native English speaking children should a learn language to educated through it. 

        The article by Natile Brundell, a school girl, who reports doing 24 G.C.S.E. examinations in four weeks, raises the issue of whether the purpose of such ordeals for children is about obtaining synthetic attainment results, as opposed to illustrating  children's real knowledge and applied capability. 

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