Wales cannot Afford to have a ScottIsh Referendum Language War

         Where political rhetoric abounds little sense if often found. Dean Burnett a neuroscience in Cardiff School of Medicine contends in his book that there have been many interesting advances in neuro-science, which are complex, which are poorly reported in the media and misunderstood my the public.

         There is a need for openness and honesty about all Welsh language issues and less politics in Wales. There is clear evidence of conspiracy by small minority of Welsh political activist to deceive the Welsh and English speaking population that the Welsh language is easier for them to learn than what it really is.

    Ticking pieces of paper and putting them into a ballot box in a referendum is
significantly different from considering complex learning issues. The fact that Welsh speakers feel passionately about the Welsh language does not make them authorities on the Welsh language or the learning of it.
        Learning is process of cognitive growth and mastery requires around 10,000 hours of practice. It must be a notional figure, but it illustrates the scale of the task. The evidence it takes around 6,000 hours to develop basic fluency in a new language. An average adult has a vocabulary of 35,000 words. These are scientific facts that political proper-gander and marketing cannot change. 

       There are no 'quick fit' ways of learning new language. Rote teaching provides an initial sense of progress for learners, but it does not provide secure avenues to longer term learning success. Learners will learn most if they are taught properly.
      There is no 'magic bullet' on how the living Welsh language is going to survive. The demands that native English speaking children should be compelled to learn through the medium of Welsh and adults should learnt it does not address the key issues of Welsh language survival (Shah). It is very easy for activists to demand what other people should do when they do not have to do it themselves. 
        We all accept product and services in good faith, because we do not have the expertise to evaluate them. There is clear evidence that a small minority of Welsh language activists have had a 'hidden agenda' and they have betrayed Welsh and more especially English speakers in Wales. Colin Miles in his honest and perceptive paper on learning Welsh contended that the understanding that English has for Welsh speakers could become fragile.
        Respect is earned and not freely given. The fundamental issue, which is illustrated in the impoverished work by Aran Jones and Ioan Talfyn, is the ill-conceived notion that intelligent human beings are inanimate objects that languages can be poured into them like petrol into a tank and it will remain with them for the rest of their lives. The notion is so stupid it defies credibility. Those who posit the practice are clearly lacking intelligence and integrity.

         Those who have self-proclaimed themselves as experts on languages to enable them to preach their political proper-gander and to express their delusions have betrayed Welsh and English speakers. The majority of Welsh and English speakers are open and honest, sensible people, who get on with their everyday lives. English speakers should not be used as cannon fodder to allow Welsh speakers to make money out of them through offering them impoverished Welsh language learning experiences.

      Howards' research illustrates that Welsh Schools of Welsh and Welsh language tutors promoting their impoverished D.I.Y. Welsh language methods do not know what is in the literature. They have not been prepared to undertake professional development or research the literature to serve Welsh learners interests. They have no interest in researching how the Welsh living language could be saved. Decorating Wales with Welsh first signage is not going to the save it.

       The only working together in the Welsh for Adult services appears to have been to market their course. They all be marketing their own methods and personal interests. Aran Jones was even encouraging learners not to attend the Welsh for Adult service.

        What they have been disinterested in researching doing the researching is illustrated in  Howard Publications and H.Gunn papers.