Welsh G.C.S.E. 2017 Results + Political Rhetoric

      The reason why there is an increasing teacher recruitment crisis in the United Kingdom, unlike countries like Finland and South Korea, is that rarely is anything positive said about education. Politician cannot risk the opportunity to score political points against each other over educational issues.

       The Welsh Government most be commended for introducing a new seperate basic mathematics G.C.S.E. The Cockcroft Report 1982 into mathematial education, which established there was a seven year spread in mathematical attainment in English speaking countries, recommend that a basic examination should be created to give children of lower mathematical potential a sense of accomplishment.                                  
        The initiative also raise the status of the subject by offering two G.C.S.E.'s in it.

        The predictable ill-conceived and ill-thought political criticism of the G.C.S.E. results have been voiced again. A degree of common sense should surely not be needed to recognise that performance in 'new examination' can be directly compared with a previous one and new examinations take time to 'bed in'.

      It is unclear when, if ever politicians will ever learn that children are not simply inaminate objects that education can be injected into, only children can learn and revise, pass examinations.

        Governments and teachers can only offer children an education, the learning potential of each child can and will never be equal. The Pisa 'virus' is clearly still raging amongst certain politician's.

       What those who voice them are so ignorant of is that educational change and reform takes many years to 'bed in'. The perfectly reliable assessments have and will never exists.

      If those who criticised the the Welsh G.C.S.E. examinations can answer Natalie Brundell question, of what is the point of taking 24 papers in two week and reguritating a lot of factual information like parrots, which will all to quickly be quickly forgotten after the examination, then it will be very interesting.

       There is an open invitation for them to publicly for them to do so.

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